Our Commitment

Sustainably Minded & #BeyondCleanBeauty

For us, clean means good for your well-being and the earth, but our brand goes beyond clean beauty.

At The Olive Tree, we use highest quality, non-toxic ingredients that are safe for your skin and are always free from harsh chemicals, synthetic colours and fragrances. We believe going beyond clean beauty means becoming more sustainable in our manufacturing processes, packaging, materials, as well as products - innovate and care for the environment in everything we do.


1. Sustainable #PlasticFree Supply Chain

To reduce our reliance on plastic and reduce our plastic pollution, the primary effort is to cut down plastic from the product source because the plastic presence from the supplier end including source provider, manufacturer and logistic partner is much higher than the consumer end. By using recycled kraft paper box to protect the bottle and recycled paper fillers to protect all the packaging, we have cut off the plastic use entirely.


2. Rethinking #PlasticFree Packaging

Our naked handmade soaps use 100% recyclable and biodegradable soap boxes so consumers can repurpose or recycle later for a better planet. We are aiming to keep both soap and packaging natural for consumers and planet, not only we can mitigate plastic, but it’s also eco-friendly without toxic adhesives.

3.100% #PlasticFree Shipping

We package all our products with plastic-free and biodegradable shipping materials such as water-activated paper tape, honeycomb paper, recycled kraft paper box and thank you cards. Every part of the package can be composted, reused, or recycled which makes every order a carbon footprint-friendly one.